A Struggling Episcopal Church, Served by a Perjuring Priest

St. Peter's Episcopal Church-on-the-Canal

SNAP calls for church and police investigations into perjuring priest Bob Malm:


Located in Bourne Massachusetts, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church-on-the-Canal is located right on Buzzards Bay.

The church was founded in 1938 as a mission, achieving full parish status in 1965.

But recent years have not been kind to the church. It ran a deficit for quite a while and has been without a rector for almost two years.

Most recently, another bad bit of luck hit the church when it was announced that perjuring priest Bob Malm, retired rector of Grace Episcopal in Alexandria VA, would serve as interim. Malm previously served as interim of St. Gabriel’s in Marion, which is being sued for Bob Malm’s conduct.

The news of Malm’s hire comes despite the fact that Bishop Alan Gates knows, or has reason to know, that Bob Malm has pending civil and potential criminal charges against him for perjury in conjunction with his litigation against me. And perjuring priest Bob Malm has committed perjury not once, but multiple times.

You’d think that, before Gates entrusts the future of this small, frail, but seemingly loving church to a perjurer, he’d at least do some due diligence, wouldn’t you? I mean, where else can you occupy a position of trust with issues like this swirling about? No for-profit would touch a candidate like this. But it’s okay for The Episcopal Church.

Want to know what exactly Gates has seen? Here it is:


And when you check out perjuring priest Bob Malm lies to the Massachusetts courts, where he states under oath that he didn’t even know my mother’s name, take a look at the following letter from the Diocese of Virginia, which copied Malm and my mother. So how exactly is it that he “didn’t even know her name” when he had received mail from the diocese that copied my mother? 

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

It’s sad that Gates has so little respect for those he claims to serve. While there seems little doubt that Gates has been in touch with Bishop Goff and/or her minions, and told that it’s all just an ugly vendetta, one would think that the seriousness of the charges, plus Malm’s facially obvious lies, would lead to some hard questions.

Of course, there won’t be any such questions. And I surely hope that the church and its people are not hurt by Malm’s mendacity, his sense of entitlement, and his need for narcissistic supply.

That said, narcissists are invariably toxic. Malm will try to charm-bomb his way to success, but church should be about love for God and your fellow person, not love for your priest.

It is a sad day for St. Peter’s and the entire Episcopal Church when perjury by its clergy is acceptable absent criminal charges.